University cancels Tuesday classes due to Hurricane Sandy, prepares for hurripocalypse


At 10:24 this morning, the University sent an email to all students indicating that it will be closed on Tuesday, October 30 due to the extreme weather being caused by Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm. This is the second consecutive day of cancelled classes due to the weather. The University also sent an email stating that, rest assured, “FOOD ON CAMPUS FOR MONDAY” will be comprised of plenty of Grab n’ Go meals to go around. Vital Vittles and Uncommon Grounds are currently open, and Hoya Snaxa will open at noon. Epicurean and Starbucks are also currently open.

We at Vox suggest staying indoor, keeping away from windows, having your flashlights handy, building a fort out of sheets, drinking lots of  hurricane cocktails, filling plastic bags with water and putting them in the freezer, breaking out that game of Apples to Apples that every college student has on hand, staying out of your basement in case it floods, hoarding food from Leo’s, and completely ignoring all the work you should be catching up on.

Photo by “Mean Girls in the Tardis”

One Comment on “University cancels Tuesday classes due to Hurricane Sandy, prepares for hurripocalypse

  1. Wait you mean they’re not saying, “Sorry it’s raining so you should have locked your windows?” What’s up with DPS?

    That’s usually their advice. I’m surprised they’re not suggesting, “If you want to prevent the hurricane, lock your windows.”

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