Comments of the Week: Now ain’t that America

Last week, a small group of “concerned students” demonstrated during the foreign policy presidential debate-watch, and a concerned student ended up in a physical confrontation with a technician employee. John Mellencamp tears up while reflecting on our First Amendment right to freedom of speech [but only in Red Square] that we take for granted every day.

Decrying the “system” and then walking straight to the police station to file a police report over a small scuffle. Ain’t that America.

@Yolo Ono reminds us that concerned members of mostly GU Occupy who claim openness to all political ideologies are leaving out a pretty important group of rabble rousers: the classic anti-totalitarians.

Pity only the anti-imperialist left got out that night to bother everyone, don’t forget about the anti-totalitarian left

There may have been a lot of hype last week about The Atlantic‘s decision to call DeGioia a “Brave Thinker,” but commenters were most riled up about the possibility of a TJ Maxx in Georgetown. Box even thinks bowling alleys aren’t upscale enough:

 A discount clothing chain (TJ Maxx)? A bowling alley? What’s next for the mall, a check cashing service and a Cash 4 Gold store?

For a commenter who touts being clearly convinced by most things, clear and convincing troll did not buy Box’s criticism of TJ Maxx and Cash 4 Gold.

you elitist bastard, with GMS as shitty as it is, we work study students need a payday loan store if we want to afford these damn corp bagels

And with the best comment of the week, the Voice published its sex survey (which you should take here) and best 13 dollars ever spent got his panties in a bunch over a semi-racy photograph.


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