This Week in the Voice: The Sex Issue

sex issueIn this week’s Feature, Matthew Weinmann interprets the results of the Voice’s sex survey and discusses how this relates to Georgetown’s Catholic identity.

Georgetown students on the whole respect the Catholic Church, but they do not necessarily agree with its more traditional teachings on marriage, contraception, and sex. The proportion of students who reported engaging in sex equals the percentage that reported valuing Georgetown’s Catholic identity. As the Voice’s survey shows, students are more committed to having sex than to upholding strict Catholic doctrine.

On the Editorial page, the editorial board endorses Green party candidate Jill Stein arguing that she is the only logical choice for progressives in this coming election.

In News, Julia Jester looks into the effect that Hurricane Sandy had on Georgetown’s homeless population.

On the Sports page, Kevin Joseph bemoans the Oklahoma City Thunder’s trading of James Harden “the Beard” to the Houston Rockets this past weekend.

Julia Lloyd-George reviews Yaron Zilberman’s film A Late Quartet in the Leisure section.

And in Voices, Joseph Vandegriff argues that the best candidate in the upcoming presidential election is President Obama while Maggie Cleary disagrees, putting her support behind Mitt Romney.

Don’t forget to check out the latest installment of “50 Shades of Blue and Gray” on the back page!

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  1. Why wasn’t I asked to write for this issue?

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