Remix Your Weekend: Don’t Haze me, bro

It’s getting chilly outside, so start dancing to keep yourself warm! Start by checking out Angel Haze, a young hip-hop artist from New York that has a flow better than most anyone rapping today. Move on to Dizaraeli and the Small Gods, who are pioneering a new genre called “folk hip-hop,” which takes influences from British rap and Gypsy punk and makes them into something even more awesome. If you’re a Girls fan, check out their ex-lead singer Chris Owens’ new solo project, which continues exactly where Girls left off; country-tinged indie. Scrubious Pig also remixes a Grimes song in No Nimbus—definitely worth taking a listen.

One Comment on “Remix Your Weekend: Don’t Haze me, bro

  1. Shearwater-cool picture, but bad sounds abound here. Good music for a VW commercial but nothing that will change your life.

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