Students thank Leo’s workers for staying overtime during hurricane

Students GUSA Office picHoyas took a little time away from Halloween celebrations on Wednesday night to thank dining hall workers who ensured students had food amidst the Frankenstorm that reached its height on Tuesday afternoon. The dining hall remained open for part of Monday, and workers distributed thousands of Grab ‘n’ Go meals for students to ration during the storm.

In the GUSA office in the Leavey Center, over 50 students wrote thank-you cards to campus workers.  Students dropped by to make several cards in recognition of the sacrifices and risks Leo’s workers made to support the entire Georgetown community.

ANC candidate Craig Cassey (SFS’15) originally proposed the idea. “The workers sacrificed time to go home to their families working hard and long to replenish depleted food in Leo’s and Grab ‘n’ Go stations….it is important that we thank them and give them hugs to show our appreciation,” he said.

Leo O’Donovan’s had half of the usual number of staff workers due to the storm. However, workers were still able to make twice as much food. According to University spokesperson Stacy Kerr, over 7,600 meals were produced on Monday and most of the Leo’s staff stayed the night on campus. A Leo’s manager could not be reached in time for comment.

“We even received an e-mail telling the students that the university shut down, yet Leo’s workers remained committed to making 4,000 more sandwiched meals,” GUSA President Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) said. “The student body appears satisfied and grateful for the food preparation and being able carry out meals as well as double swipe at Grab ‘n’ Go stations.”

While neither Cassey nor Gustafson have decided upon how to distribute the cards themselves—whether to deliver them individually to workers or to make them into a mural outside Leo’s— they remain certain that they will personally express their gratitude, along with that of the entire Georgetown community, to these workers in the upcoming days.

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