Comments of the Week: Real presidents eat sloppy joes

Earlier last week, students enjoyed a full two days off school due to the devastating Sandy-cane/Frankenstorm/Hurricane Sandy. Luckily, Georgetown’s hilltop location proved advantageous.

On Monday, President John J. DeGioia visited Leo’s Dining Hall and other parts of campus to ensure all preparations for the hurricane were in order and express his appreciation to the campus workers for distributing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Doritos, apples, and the like in advance of the impending storm.

Voxy Gurl hypothesized that DeGioia wanted a few PB&Js for himself, but baby connor remained unconvinced.

Why did DeGioia stock up PB&Js? Was Leo’s out of sloppy joes?

In last week’s issue, the Voice published an analysis of the results of its sex survey. To the Masturbationist: fear not, for Voxy Gurl will be publishing a raunchy sex survey part 2 on Vox Populi within the next week or so where your input will be invaluable.

Why wasn’t I asked to write for this issue?

Later in the week, Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business announced that Bono is coming to Gaston Hall on November 12. The event, which will be sponsored by Bank of America and the Global Social Enterprise Initiative, seems fishy to GFK.

I’d be pro Bono, but the event is sponsored by Bank of America. That gosh-darned corporate sellout.

CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein sees right through BOA’s facade.

BOA would hire a pop singer to do their dirty work. Real banks employ bankers.

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