GUSA Roundup: Zipcars and a subcommittee for art


At the weekly Sunday meeting with the Georgetown University Student Association, the Senate approved two pieces of legislation pertaining to student life: A Resolution with Regards to ZipCars and An Amendment to the Subcommittee Establishment Act.

The first piece of legislation aims at lowering the age required for renting a ZipCar from 21 to 18.  Georgetown currently has a fleet of five ZipCars, located outside McDonough.  Speaker Nate Tisa (SFS ’13) said, “As less than one fourth of the student body have access to a ZipCar currently, this resolution has the potential to help a great number of students.”

The resolution was introduced by Vice-Speaker Zach Singer (SFS ’16), not present at the meeting.  Senator Ben Weiss (COL ’15) spoke on behalf of the legislation, stating,  “The most striking aspect of the research Senator Singer and I conducted was the fact that our peer universities in the area, George Washington and American, as well as Harvard University and University of Virginia, have an 18+ contract with ZipCar.  It only makes sense that we have equal access.”

Senator Weiss went on to reiterate the nature of a resolution, as it is not binding to the administration, but rather an appeal expressing support.  The Senate unanimously passed the resolution.

The second piece of legislation amends the Subcommittee Establishment Act to create a Subcommittee on the Arts, chaired by Senator Elizabeth Oh (SFS ’15).  Oh spoke on how visibility and access to the arts on campus is less than optimal, citing lack of adequate space, fees to use practice rooms, and a $130 entrance fee for performance groups.  She added, “Focus on the arts is compatible with Jesuit values of educating the whole person.”

The Subcommittee outlines four goals: to research options for pass/fail arts classes for undergraduates, to seek means to lower the $130 performance fee, to expand practice and performance space on campus, and to promote visibility of the arts.

“Financial barriers can really inhibit one’s experience on campus.  Working to reduce such barriers in a step in a positive direction,” Tisa aid.

Senator Sheila Walsh questioned this policy. “I know that lots of other groups on campus, such as club sports and Greek organizations, require some sort of fee.  How is this any different?” Tisa’s response was that “there is precedent” for club sports or other organizations to reduce member fees.

The Senate unanimously passed the amendment.

In the meeting’s Good of the Order section, Senator Tisa suggested that no one had read his weekly email entirely, as no one talked about the Captain Speedo comment.

To which a Senator replied, “I let my body do the talking.” The meeting adjourned.

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  1. Laura, do you not know my name? I work at the voice…

  2. As the General Manager of Zipcar, I’m pleased to share with your readership that Zipcar has been in negotiations with the administration of Georgetown to lower the age of Zipcar usage to 18. Since our launch in late August, we’re excited to have received such an enthusiastic response to the arrival of Zipcar. We hope to have all of the necessary contractual changes in place very soon, and we look forward to sharing this change with the Georgetown community!

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