POLL: Are you voting today?

4 Comments on “POLL: Are you voting today?

  1. this is systematically biased to not include people who don’t like to vote. This is almost as poorly run as the sex survey. LOL Journalism students…

  2. @George W Obama, you were just mad at the sex survey because it reminded you that you never get laid

  3. That doesn’t even make any sense. Those who voted, voted. Those who didn’t vote have varying reasons that require multiple options.

  4. @@Me

    What I mean is , for example, say I don’t like voting. In general. Not just presidential elections. Maybe I’m just shy and I just feel pressured when people ask me my opinions. So I don’t vote in this election. I am also likely to not vote in this poll since it is a voluntary sample. So the sample is biased to not include a lot of non-voters and will probably report a higher level of participation than what is typical of the vox populi readership in reality.

    In conclusion, yes I am just jealous of Bill Reagan, dude gets laid all the time

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