This Week in the Voice: Basketball Preview

In this week’s Feature, Kevin Joseph previews the Hoya’s 2012-2013 men’s basketball team, and Brandon Crowley previews the women’s team.

If they are to turn heads and play at an elite level, it will show early. The grind of the Big East schedule will be revealing, but these young Hoyas will have a chance to prove themselves to the nation from day one.

“Coach didn’t design the schedule for nothing,” Markel Starks said. “The schedule is designed to show that we can play some ball. As much as people don’t want to give us credit, I think we can play.”

On the Editorial page, the editorial board discusses Occupy Sandy, a combination of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the climate activism group that is working to distribute aid and resources to hard-hit areas of the city, arguing that it is a good model for disaster aid.

In News, Tom Ferry looks into how Georgetown PhD student-instructor benefits fall short of those offered at other institutions.

On the Sports page, Chris Castano gives a rundown of the other teams in the Big East.

Julia Lloyd-George reviews the newest Bond movie, Skyfall, on the Leisure page.

And in Voices, Sara Ainsworth tells of her difficulties in getting her absentee ballot for the election and argues that voting absentee should be made easier, perhaps through online voting.

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