GUSA Episode IV: A New Commission

gusaThis Sunday, the Georgetown University Student Association met to pass by acclamation legislation creating an Election Reform Commission and outlining the GUSA Fund Package.

The Election Reform Commission, introduced by Vice Speaker Zach Singer (SFS ’15) was created in response to dissatisfaction with this year’s GUSA Senate Elections. According to Singer, the current election procedure, voting by ranking, is incredibly inefficient, especially in underclassmen districts with over 15 candidates on the ballot. Senator George Spyropoulos (COL ’14) expressed his support for the new commission: “We were not pleased with the elections this last year, so I think this act is a good idea.”

The commission will be responsible for developing a strategy to maximize efficiency in future elections, particularly in underclassmen districts. However, the commission will not attempt to redraw voting districts, but rather work within the existing districts to eliminate any unnecessary policies that complicate the election process as well as waste time and resources.

The GUSA Funding Package allocates funds to the Latin American Student Association’s Reventon Latino dance performance, the Latin American Career Conference, the Hindu Students Association’s Diwali celebration, and the Georgetown Ballroom Dancing Team, among other groups. In addition, the legislation entertained requests from Disability and Inclusion in the Humanities by Lecture Fund, M.E.Ch.A de Georgetown, and Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Georgetown, but has yet to settle  with the organizations on specific dollar amounts of funds.  The GUSA Funds Funding Package, after being approved by Ways and Means, was the first funding package considered by the Senate, and passed unanimously.

In addition to the legislation passed on Sunday, Singer followed up on last week’s resolution petitioning the administration for increased student access to Zipcar, a car rental service previously only available to students 21 and over. He confirmed Zipcar will soon be available to all students over the age of 18.

Though the details of the plan have yet to be nailed down, however, Singer hopes the plan will be completed by next semester.

6 Comments on “GUSA Episode IV: A New Commission

  1. Where was Senator Cannon opposing GUSA doing by-laws work instead of the work of students?

    Also, Singer is 2015, not 2016.

  2. Technically, since all of this revolves around bylaws and reform commissions, isn’t it less Episode IV and more Episode I?

  3. How is instant run-off voting inefficient? What changes will the Commission consider?

  4. They rescheduled the meeting on me, so I couldn’t make it, anyways, very sinister on the whole

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