President DeGioia holds reception to honor student veterans


In celebration of Veterans Day, around 40 people gathered before President John J. DeGioia this afternoon to honor student veterans at Georgetown. There are 419 Georgetown students who are either veterans or are on active duty in the military, according to the GU Student Veteran’s Association’s David Shearman. “68 out of that total are undergrads, of which 41 are in the School of Continuing Studies, 45 are from the Law Center, and 43 are in the Medical School.”

 This Thursday, GUSVA will host a Veterans Day Celebration with special guest speaker now-retired Major General of the United States Marine Corps Andrew B. Davis.

Photo Lucia He

3 Comments on “President DeGioia holds reception to honor student veterans

  1. If by 70 you mean like 20 then yes there are 70 ppl there…

  2. This was a classy event. President DeGioia spent a lot of time speaking with veterans individually aside from his formal address pictured above. I felt like he wanted to show his appreciation and cared about what we had to say. I wish there were a transcript available of the speech he gave, as it was historically relevant and inspiring. Thank you!

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