Student vets and cadets celebrate Veterans Day on Copley Lawn

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Major General of the U.S. Marine Corps Andrew B. Davis addresses student veterans, encouraging them to stay strong and “take care of each other” in the life after war. 

This afternoon, on Copley Lawn, Georgetown University Student Veterans Association President TM Gibbons-Neff led the opening remarks at the Veterans Day Celebration to an audience of students, veterans, and cadets in honor of the hard work and commitment of members of the army at battle now and resettling to life back home. The invocation was led by Father Richard J. Curry, Director of the Academy for Veterans at Georgetown. Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson was also present at the ceremony.

Major General of the United States Marine Corps Andrew B. Davis, now retired, delivered a heartfelt speech to the current student veterans, reminding them to “take care of each other” in the life after service. He recounted stories of his career, describing the struggles he had returning to school after the Vietnam War. “There was no equivalent of the Student Veterans of America, and there really should have been,” he said. “Because the returning veteran needs a place and a home, a safe haven, that he or she can be with fellow warriors and share experiences, even use profanity (which isn’t acceptable and other circles) and help each other reenter the civilian life that they left.”

He left student veterans with three important pieces of advice. “First, take care of each other here in the workplace and beyond…go forward and do absolutely great things, and what I always tell my Marines, don’t screw it up,” he concluded, to the laughter of the audience.

Photos by Miles Gavin Meng

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