This Week in the Voice: Georgetown’s theater department

Screen shot 2012-11-15 at 10.08.41 AMIn this week’s Feature, Connor Jones delves into Georgetown’s theater program, which, despite being a relatively young and small program, has had much success.

With only seven full-time faculty and seven additional adjunct and visiting faculty members, Georgetown’s Theater Department and co-curricular student groups, combined, are planning to put on a total of 10 performances for the 2012-2013 academic year. While the Theater Department only graduates an average of 15 majors per year, hundreds of students more participate in these productions.

The Editorial Board argues that voting for a third party can help major party status and encourage broader dialogue during the next election cycle.

In News, Miles Gavin Meng reports on the Department of Public Safety’s new laptop prevention program launched after a series of thefts.

On the Sports page, Keith Levinsky recaps how the Hoyas rode Greg Whittington’s best Otto Porter Jr. impression to their second victory of the year.

In Leisure, Mary Boroweic reviews the Davis Performing Arts Center’s current production, A Civil War Christmas.

Finally, in Voices, Claire McDaniel implores students to recognize the threat of killer diseases that our world faces today.

Page 13 (pictured after the jump) combines Rangila with Turquoise Jeep to create the masterpiece of “Smangila.”

And don’t forget to check out the latest installment of 50 Shades of Blue and Gray on the back page.


2 Comments on “This Week in the Voice: Georgetown’s theater department

  1. The real question is how could Clarence Carter help save Rangila

  2. I’m trying to imagine what a “laptop prevention program” might entail. Make everyone get desktop computers instead? They would be harder to carry off, I suppose.

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