Blueprint of final New South Student Center presented at forum


New South Student Center to include Corp Smoothie Café. Yummmmmm.

Last night in Bulldog Alley, the final New South Student Center Forum revealed the newest version of the renovations planned for the New South Student Center, and gave students the opportunity to raise concerns on the construction and blueprint of the new facility.

Last night’s presenter, ikon5 architect Joe Titoni stated that he and his team sought to completely remodel New South, and create a diverse space that will complement the active Hoya lifestyle. When creating their plans for the new student center, Titoni and his team modeled the new building according to the theme of Hoya Saxa.

Titoni and his colleagues plan to make the building open and fluid, allowing for a seamless transition between academic and extracurricular life at Georgetown. The center will feature various individual and group study rooms, open spaces for leisure, a ballroom, two new dance studios, a Corp Smoothie Café, a Riverside Terrace, a pub, and, most notably, the Hoya Saxa Wall, which consists of a series of study rooms that will run the length of the building from east to west.

In addition to a providing a wide variety of  new facilities, Titoni plans to bring NSSC into the 21st Century by installing solar panels, incorporating recycling stations into the building’s architecture, using responsibly harvested building materials, and maximizing the use of natural lighting.

At the meeting, the students in attendance expressed great concern over how the University will delegate space during the year long construction period. University officials responded by saying that a transition plan which utilizes the spaces available in Leavey and Yates is currently under discussion, but a final plan will not be released until March 2013.

In addition to concern over the transition period, students showed concern about how, once operational, the new building’s facilities and storage space will be distributed among Georgetown’s myriad student organizations and individual students. In response, University representatives stressed that the new center will be built specifically for students, and will be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of all the organizations who use it.

Construction on NSSC is projected to begin in the fall of 2013, and the administration hopes that occupancy will begin in Fall 2014. Although last night was the final student forum, students may still submit suggestions on New South’s website.

Photo by Flickr user Anja.2012

3 Comments on “Blueprint of final New South Student Center presented at forum

  1. Modelled according to the theme Hoya Saxa. Wtf does that even mean? Why not just call it Leavey 2.0.

    Fire them, fire them all!

  2. Can we please move past the tacky nomenclature schemes with Hoya Saxa derivatives?

    HOYAS (wireless)
    Saxa Net
    Hoya Saxa Weekend
    Hoya Federal Credit Union (staff and faculty)
    Saxa Awards
    et al.

    How about we harness some of our creative talent (or hire people who are willing to dig through our rich history) to name places, systems, and initiatives in interesting ways? “The Hoya Saxa Wall?” Seriously, that is just about as stupid and as lazy as the decorations in Regents Hall.

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