Comments of the Week: The day the commenters killed Bono

Last week, GW lost its ranking on U.S. News & World Report, ikon5 architects presented the blueprint for the New South Student Center (pub, smoothies and all), and most notably…Vox commenters killed Bono.

It all started with Kay Ryan—the first to hear the news.

Just heard the news…RIP Bono

Bono, still alive, at least got some recognition for his innumerable contributions to the third world. Hobbit Hoya may have shed a tear or five.

 Your speech was so inspirational, Bono. You will be missed! Thank you for everything that you’ve done for Africa and the world

 best 13 dollars ever spent threw in an “RIP,” and even WGTBro was depressed, to say the least:

RIP Bono. so sad

Fred Willard left us with the hard, cold reality that Bono is still alive, and still a boner.

My bono just died in a cold shower!

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