Comments of the Week: We forgot to give thanks

Last week, Voxy Gurl took a break for Thanksgiving, and left y’all in the dust. But don’t worry because we’re back in action this week. Though the holiday ended days ago, we’d like to take this moment to thank our commenters for their love disguised in angsty comments, and we’d like to give thanks to the brave President John J. DeGioia and other people, corporations, and organizations that keep Vox‘s  content entertaining.

Last week, GUSA passed a controversial resolution to allow students to enter residence halls after 10 p.m. with GoCards. The current policy as it stands requires students be signed in by a resident if they want to get into a dorm after 10 p.m. any day of the week.

Terrible people felt comfortable, for whatever reason, exposing that he (or she) sleeps at 11 p.m. on weekends. Snoooozer.

As someone who frequently likes to go to bed around 11 pm regardless of the day, I hate having to listen to commotion in the hallways late at night. I don’t care if the hours are extended, but they sound laws must be enforced!

When I Voted Libertarian made a fair point:

Regarding the first sentence:

Resolutions are not bills.

@I Voted Libertarian made a fairer one.

And GUSA is not a legitimate organization. Therefore, there’s really no difference.

But then a GUSABro took it a little too personally. @@I Voted Libertarian asks the question we all ask at least once in our time at Georgetown.

What would make it legitimate in your eyes?

The answer? More cowbell.

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