Remix Your Weekend: Today is the International Sweater Vestival

I’ve got some special stuff for you this week.

Alt-J, who just released their first album An Awesome Wave made major waves (pun intended), recently dropped a single, “Buffalo,” and it sounds exactly the same as their other stuff…which is great. Dungeonesse is a new dance-pop group from the curiously named record label Secretly Canadian, with echoes of soul and disco. Definitely groove-worthy.

Scattered Trees has created a nearly perfect pop song with “Four Days Straight.” It will probably (definitely) get stuck in your head, so be warned. On the more serious side, Listener provides a beautiful, angst-laced spoken-word-folk song called “Wooden Heart.” It gives me shivers every time I hear it.

Happy December. Here is WGTB’s Review of the Week.

3 Comments on “Remix Your Weekend: Today is the International Sweater Vestival

  1. While I reign in Valhalla, humanity concerns itself with puny fecal matters.

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