Comments of the Week: Fascist bananas

This week was bittersweet for Vox: In much-beloved Voxy Gurl’s last week as Vox editor, we saw three students win Marshall and Mitchell Scholarships and students starting to insult each other over Facebook, now through a third party! Amid the joy and sorrow, we found out that Georgetown was ranked #8 for most stressful school in the country, which was appropriate given impending exam-season. Here’s the best of what you group of mostly-trolling commenters had to say.

After Vanya Mehta / Voxy Gurl changed her byline to read “Vanya Voxy Gurl Mehta,” voxy socksy had this to say:

Your byline craze is getting out of hand! Before soon we’ll have “Vanya Voxy Gurl Tits XOXOXO <3 Mehta-worldpeace.”

voxy roxy defended our lovely editor:

hey. she keeps it classy.

In this week’s GUSA roundup, in which Vox reported on a resolution that was vague even by GUSA-standards, Grover Norquist had this to say:

Speaking of GUSA, last night I passed a resolution in my apartment that Mitt Romney is President!

Sen. Sam Greco wasn’t pleased with the coverage:

I’d like to take a second to address some issues brought up in this article. First of all, the bill is not vague; it is intentionally

[…408 words later…]

spearheading the work to improve Georgetown Dining, not passing the buck on to students.

Thank you.

@SamGreco, can’t say that I didn’t either:


Are Bananas..

at leo’s now any better today then they were yester-future-day?

Good question, given that bananas are the only fruit at Leo’s that’s consistently good.


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