Well, Vox, it looks like it’s just us now

As the illustrious reign of Voxy Gurl comes to an abrupt end, readers will surely ask themselves “Why did she have to leave us so soon? Who will feed our internets!?” While readers and Vox-ers alike cope with their feelings of abandonment, from the green chair in Leavey 424, a new Vox editor is elected.

You may remember me from my reporting over the summer, or from my post in the Voice‘s print edition. We had some good times: I was there when the campus plan was finally approved, I was there when Catholic groups lost it over Kathleen Sebelius, and I reported on Georgetown’s tech business culture.

But, now, Vox, I’m all yours. Along with my trusty assistant Vox editors Isabel Echarte, Ryan Greene, and Caitriona PagniVox will continue to bring you all of Georgetown’s good, bad, and wtf.

While all of Georgetown may not be in on the fun, you all know you can’t live without us. Breaking news left and right, busting chops, and going renegade, Vox reminds Georgetown not to take itself too seriously.

So while the role of university mouthpiece may or may not already be filled, Vox, for one, loves some good ol’ fashioned muckracking. We may not be too keen on offering up recipes; we’re much too busy getting down.

No matter what happens, Vox will be here for you, so join us, give us a tip, or let us know how we’re doing. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and read the print edition if you get a chance.

Till the Voice inevitably ousts me in April, you know where to find me.

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