G2 Bus route returns to front gates Dec. 30

According to an email from Associate Director of the Graduate School Richard Pike, the G2 bus stop on 37th and O Street will resume service on Dec. 30 of this year. The route was shortened at Wisconsin Ave. for the last 18 months due to road construction on O and P Streets.

The G2 route will now begin at the front gates, go past Car Barn, and return toward DuPont Circle, as it did before construction.

According to Georgetown Patch, the following stops will be completely restored by December.

  • Westbound—P St NW at 33rd St NW
  • Westbound—P St NW at 34th St NW
  • Westbound—P St NW at  35th St NW
  • Southbound—37th St NW at O St NW
  • Eastbound—Prospect St NW at 35th St NW
  • Northbound—35th St NW at N St NW
  • Eastbound—O St NW at 34th St NW
  • Eastbound—O St NW at 33rd St NW

The updated schedule is posted after the jump.

g2 Bus Schedule

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