Surviving Finals: Vox‘s favorite study spots

Lau 4evaDon’t panic. Finals may be just around the corner, but there’s still a whole weekend and the first few study days between now and then. Whether you plan on moving your mattress into Lau tonight until the morning of your last final, or if you plan on spending your last real weekend before break with other activities, Vox is here to offer some of the best spots in Georgetown to meet your study needs.

Happy studying, and forgive Vox for the light posting schedule over the next two weeks.

Let’s face it: Lau will be packed. While the lower levels offer some nice solitude and (mostly) working power outlets, securing your place there won’t be easy. If you call (202) 687-7607 one day in advance you can reserve a study spot or a group study room for 6-8 people, but only for a three-hour period.

Instead, try these spots:

The Blommer Science Library on the third floor of Reiss is easily accessible and has a lot of the benefits of Lau, like easy printing, study carrels, and desktops. But Blommer offers a bit more seclusion: you’re not likely to run into that crush of yours who will drag you off on a coffee break.

The Hariri Building is a campus favorite for its nice work booths and pleasant aesthetic and ambiance. It’s also very close to the snacks and coffee in the Leavey Center. If you need a nice place to spend long afternoons and evenings studying, then Hariri is a good choice. Just be sure to get there early if you want any chance of snagging a booth.

Speaking of friends, you can always post-up in Sellinger Lounge. Tables are usually all taken, but if you pass through Sellinger on your way somewhere else, you might see a spot worth taking.

Regents Hall will go through its first finals week this semester. On a typical study night, Regents usually fills up. Finals will be no different. There are some solitary desks, and collaborative booths, though. Getting a spot here is worth a look.

Baked and Wired is another nice area with food and people. Grab your favorite snack and be happy while you work.

Car Barn is Vox‘s favorite for private study. The second floor is quiet, mostly empty, and full of tables, power outlets, and snack machines. Wisey’s and the Tombs are only a short walk away if you need to fill up on junk food.

The lobby of the Davis Center has a few tables. There’s no chance of getting distracted by a friend or food in there. But you won’t feel totally miserable. The Davis Center offers an open and hospitable atmosphere.

Did someone say “miserable?” If you’re feeling absolutely screwed, and only have one night before a big final, there’s one place that could really save you: Dahlgren Medical Library. The medical library is far from just about everything, so you won’t be tempted to leave, and being surrounded by a bunch of med students will help you bunker down and focus. It’s open 24/7. Leave your phone (and maybe even your laptop, if you don’t really need it) behind and there’s a real chance you could be productive. If you need a caffeine boost, the Preclinical Science Building and Dr. Mug are only a short walk away. Dr. Mug’s coffee is among the cheapest on campus—$1 if you bring your own mug.

Photo adapted from Kashuo Bennett/National Building Museum via Flickr

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  1. “That crush of yours who will drag you off on a coffee break”

    Has this ever happened to anyone?

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