Comments of the Week: Vox‘s secret membership requirements

Vox, like the rest of campus, has been hunkering down for exams for the past week, although we did see some breaking news, a whole lot of sports coverage, and a few controversies. Here’s the best of what you dedicated group of mostly trolls submitted anonymously to Vox‘s comment section.

Earlier last week, Vox thought it would be a good idea to cover an (apparently not new?) splinter school-spirit group. young alum sees what they did there.

isn’t “eat that box” a euphemism? the young kids are so clever

Don’t worry, young alum, the joke was initially lost on Vox as well. A few people thought Saxa Gray was more insidious than Vox initially presented it to be. In the words of Voxy does not roxy, journalism is hard, y’all.

If you have a problem with the journalism, do it yourself. Since you haven’t (obviously), stick to trolling like the rest of us.

Voxy does not roxy chimed in again. What can I say? Vox‘s BAC rarely goes below .05.

To work for Vox, there is a mandatory blood alcohol level that must be maintained. Otherwise, everything just is way too coherent.

There’s also a hook-up requirement. From @Voxy does not roxy:

And for every post you write, you need to hook up with at least 1 person you interview.

It gets awkward when you’re covering speakers that come to campus.

Two weeks ago, Vox debuted its new (to-be) weekly advice column, Just the Tip. @Yolo Ono presented us with this truism:

just the tip, that’s all you’ll ever need

After Emlyn’s friendly reminder that men needn’t denigrate women to bond with men, Tauheed Epps had a few questions.

2 Chainz here. I am trying to follow your advice, but I also want to be truuuu to myself. What should I do?

a big booty hoe wasn’t so convinced.

2 Chainz, can I be your ****in problem?

And remember to submit questions of your own for Emlyn to answer in her next advice column! Submission form helpfully reproduced here.

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