Georgetown to add new masters program in global health

In continuation of its recent efforts to expand the scope of hard science at Georgetown, the University will offer a Master of Science in Global Health degree beginning this fall.

The program, which is designed to be completed in three semesters, caters to both traditional graduate students and mid-level professionals. Students can choose to specialize in five different concentrations in disease prevention and control, health policy and financing, health and development in Africa, demography and reproductive health, and trade and health.

The masters program follows the College’s highly successful undergraduate degree in Biology of Global Health and the School of Nursing and Health Studies’ major International Health, one of the only degrees of its kind.

In addition to global health and individual concentration course requirements, in order to complete the degree, students must pursue real-world applications of their classroom learning and produce scholarly paper that  contributes to the field of global health.

In a statement to university press, program director Dr. Bernhard Liese,the department chair of International Health at the NHS emphasized the degree’s diverse practical applications: “Those who graduate with the new degree will be prepared for careers as program managers, policy analysts, health administrators and in research positions in development agencies, government agencies and consulting organizations.”

Dr. Liese has over 30 years of experience in the health field and specializes in globalization and health and tropical traditions. In addition to Leise’s expertise, the program’s staff will serve as valuable professional mentors to students as they seek employment at institutions such as the Agency for International Development, the Pan American Health Organization, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the Population Reference Bureau.

Liese credits the success in establishing the program to the determination President Jack DeGioia himself: “It was the president who suggested and facilitated the necessary arrangements for the MSGH to be offered as a universitywide degree.”

DeGioia responded by expressing his support for the program and emphasized the importance of the global health in Georgetown’s commitment to social justice. “Across our campuses, Georgetown has made a strong commitment to improve health around the globe. This new program will draw on our considerable academic resources to prepare the next generation of leaders to tackle the most pressing health challenges facing our world,” he said.

Photo: Georgetown University

2 Comments on “Georgetown to add new masters program in global health

  1. Why don’t you establish a Master of Public Health program already? I am an ’06 Hoya and am wrapping up my MPH at GW this semester. Would have much rather spent my time at money on the Hilltop, but had no choice in the matter…still glad you’re moving in this direction all the same.

  2. Global health = Hard science?

    Maybe that’s why the sciences at Georgetown are lacking.

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