D.C. under a winter weather watch: Up to 4 inches of snow forecasted for tomorrow

Washington D.C. was hit by a hard-to-miss thunder snow storm Wednesday night

…but probably not.

Update, 2:00 pm: As the day progresses, weather forecasts are predicting lower and lower chances of any precipitation at all, let alone snow. Even so, the District government is still bracing for a blizzard, and Department of Public Works trucks have been dispatched to salt the roads. Capital Weather Gang is now saying that any winter weather will start later this afternoon won’t accumulate. Washington, D.C. will likely continue its longest period without at least 2 inches of snowfall on record.

Original Post:The National Weather Service (the people who write the CAPSLOCK WEATHER BULLETINS) have placed the District under a winter storm watch beginning early Thursday morning and ending the subsequent evening.

According to them, a rain-snow mixture will start in the D.C. area late tonight which will turn completely into snow as the day progresses. The system could produce as many as four inches of snow.

Other weather outlets are not as optimistic (depending on your perspective). Weather.com is only forecasting a rain-snow shower mix and temperatures in the high 30s.

Capital Weather Gang at The Washington Post give the NWS’s scenario only a 10 percent possibility of occurring: “Our opinion is that [the NWS bulletin] is premature and overdone, and that current available information does not support this forecast.”

Instead, they give a 45 percent chance of snow accumulations of 1 inch or more:

The compact storm will have plenty of moisture with it. The big questions for our area are: 1) how far north will the precipitation shield get? and 2) will it extend far enough north to deliver moderate to heavy snow? If the latter occurs, accumulating snow becomes likely and roads during Thurday afternoon’s rush hour could become slick and hazardous.

Vox will be hoping against hope for a mass email from the University cancelling classes. Until that happens, enjoy the cold and not-snow.

Photo: Matthew Funk

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  1. Ain’t that supposed to be “Forecast” vs. “Forecasted?” Hell, even VOX’s spell-checker picks that up. Hello Editors?

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