Comments of the Week: Countertrolling confusion

Last week saw progress as the University cut its ties with Adidas, Georgetown’s fated bowling alley received its first round of approval, and GUSA delivered on a few of its promises. While D.C. didn’t get the four inches of snow we were promised, it was overall a good week for Georgetown students. Here’s the best of what you brave readers ventured to post anonymously on Vox‘s comment section.

In last week’s GUSA meeting, Speaker Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) announced a special election to fill a vacant senate seat. trollin’ trollin’ trollin’, I ain’t slept in weeks said what Vox was thinking:

“Speaker Nate Tisa (SFS’ 14) expects the election to be fairly competitive, with upwards of ten candidates on the ballot.”

And, reportedly, upwards of 10 votes cast.

Leave the armchair grammar correcting to the professionals, Dave.

Georgetown students should know the difference between affect and effect. Embarrassing.


so should haters.

Later in the week, Vox‘s advice columnist Emlyn Crenshaw helped a poor sophomore decide how to navigate cooking and Leo’s. O’Donovan couldn’t have been more wrong:

But.. I thought…. seafood… all mashed up and baked…. was a good idea? :(

Vox‘s photo set, headlined “Men’s basketball trounces Providence 74-65,” prompted this comment by James K:

I guess a 9-point victory that wasn’t certain until very late in the game counts as “trounced” for Georgetown these days.

Finally, after Vox‘s review of Nomadic’s exhaustingly absurdist play, Wut was confused:


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