Twuesday Tweetacular: Obama condoms and other forms of crowd control

JoeL Jan 22

Maybe try, “Let me through, my water just broke!” Let’s just hope JoeL didn’t resort to yelling “Everybody run! There’s a bomb!” Never mind, we would’ve already heard about it.Chris McNulty Jan 22

Unlike Chris McNultyVox did not see #YOLO as sufficient reason to get out of bed for the inauguration. Vox will get to see all the photos later anyway.Nicole Jarvis Jan 22Shopping for textbooks, right, Nicole Jarvis? This is why the RHO workers hate you. Lauren Scherr Jan 22

Lauren Scherr‘s priorities are pretty much in order. Overheard in Vox‘s apartment: “Can you keep it down? I’m trying to watch Adventure Time!”Ivan Jan 22

As Ivan quickly found out, there’s only furniture and weird assorted knick knacks.Georgetown Hot Mess Jan 22Thankfully, Georgetown Hot Mess knows that hope isn’t a sufficient form of protection, only abstinence is.

Alex PodkulSilly Alexander Podkul. Everybody knows that Beyoncé already runs the world.

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