D.C. under winter weather advisory (again): Public Works sends out the plows

Snow over Village ASnow over Village A rooftops

Update, 12:45 pm: Expecting more snow, Public Works is sending out plows again tonight in anticipation of Friday’s “storm.” They will focus on residential streets this time, instead of heavily trafficked roads. The DPW press release expects one to two inches. Capital Weather Gang, on the other hand, expects much less: “A weak—emphasis on weak—storm system will pass to our south Friday, probably producing a short period of light snow.” Take it as you will.

Update, 3:00 am: Looks like the forecasters were right: Persistent flurries began at about midnight, and, by Vox‘s measurement, accumulation had reached one-fourth of an inch by 2:30 a.m. Georgetown’s salting of roads and pathways seemed to be working as well, though not completely uniformly. Vox isn’t sure what all the hoopla was about. It’s also supposed to snow lightly again Friday evening.

Original Post: Well, it looks like we’re at the point where any snow at all qualifies as news. Tonight’s forecasted dusting won’t accumulate to more than two inches, but, like the last time Vox reported on weather emergencies, the Department of Public Works and District Department of Transportation “will deploy about 190 plows that will be on their routes at 10 p.m. tonight,” according to a press release. Unlike last time, however, the Weather Channel says there is a 80 percent chance of snow overnight. Also, unlike last week, it’s certainly cold enough for any snow to stick.

“Unlike previous snow events this season, roadway temperatures are well below freezing,” said William Howland Jr., Director of D.C.’s Department of Public Works, “so snow likely will be on the ground when the morning rush hour gets underway.” Vox knows that if we post about it, we’ll jinx it, so just pretend you never read this.

In addition, D.C.’s recent cold snap has put the homeless population at increased risk of hypothermia. If you see a homeless person in need of help, call the hypothermia/hyperthermia hotline at (800) 535-7252.

Photo: Connor Jones

3 Comments on “D.C. under winter weather advisory (again): Public Works sends out the plows

  1. Hurr durr, isn’t it “forecast” and not “forecasted?”

  2. Sassy. Hope those 2 inches don’t hurt anyone. Love you, Baby Comma.

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