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TWINTV Writers BlockIn this week’s feature, Katie Mitchell delves into the unknown depths of Georgetown’s creative writing community. In interviews with English professor Dinaw Mengestu (COL ‘00) and various students, Mitchell sheds light on not only Georgetown’s attitude toward creative writing, but touches on the underlying issues affecting creative expression at Georgetown.

“If you are in a highly competitive and judgmental atmosphere, you probably won’t allow yourself to do things that are risky because then you might make mistakes,” he said. The intense pressure here to devote time only to résumé-worthy pursuits is one reason Ebenbach feels cultivating a safe, creative, and collaborative space on campus is essential. “The community is so important [because] there’s a prevailing wind we’re pushing back against.”

In News, Ryan Greene uncovers Jack’s Boathouse’s looming legal battle with the National Park Service over their property lease.

In addition, Isabel Echarte has the full rundown on GU Fossil Free’s petition and the University’s response.

Dayana Morales-Gomez analyzes the emerging trends in artistic expression at the 40 under 40: Craft Futures exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery in Leisure.

In Sports, Chris Almeida congratulates the men’s soccer team who not only finished second in the country last season, but also saw four seniors drafted to Major League Soccer.

The Editorial Board commends GU Fossil Free for their efforts to encourage the University to divest from fossil fuels.

And in Voices, Lydia Brown joins the conversation about gun violence in the United States, decrying how the media attaching stereotypes about mental health to incidences of mass violence encourages the victimization of the mentally disabled.

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