Comments of the Week: Another week, another protest

Last  week, while getting really, really  pumped for winter weather, Vox saw an inauguration, the Hoyas clinch victory over Louisville, and J.J. debut his new balloon-popping routine. Here’s what Vox‘s never-failing commenters had to say last week.

Lobbying in the interest of canines everywhere Fairy Dogmother was skeptical of J.J.’s balloon trick:

Is nobody else worried about J.J. and this obvious choking hazard??

Probably not, a dog as well-connected as J.J. most likely has a stunt double … or a replacement.

In response to the GU Fossil Free‘s siege of President DeGioia’s office yawn, ever the cynic, said:

Another day, another protest by the same group of people. This seems like it’s a hobby at this point. Some people knit sweaters, some play the trumpet, some chant and hold up angry signs outside Healy. Whatever floats your boat, man.

GTR followed by saying:

“A recently formed group of students.” I hope to God they treated DeGioia’s receptionist with respect. Who was present for this photo opp?

Vox hopes that if these  “leisure  protestors” are as experienced as yawn claims, they at least have a working knowledge of  proper sit-in etiquette.

Finally, in response to  GUSA’s efforts to reform Georgetown’s disciplinary system, WAY AND MEANS MINUTES asked:

Where am I!?

….Well, WAY AND MEANS MINUTES, Vox does not know where you are. Try Apple maps.

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