Twuesday Tweetacular: Overheard in Georgetown, much to Vox‘s confusion

David SchafferSo glad that David Schaffer is bringing attention to a serious problem. Bling H2O is the only kind of water Vox can drink without getting a migraine.Helena LuWhat do they expect you to do during these poses where you’re not even standing up? Let’s hope Helena Lu invests in one of these.

Maggie Cleary

Vox sincerely hopes Maggie Cleary succeeds. Also, Maggie would look bomb in a nice headband.


What OHGeorgetown heard doesn’t make too much sense. While we’re spouting off non-sequiturs, we’re in a recession so we need to cut spending to stimulate the economy! You’re not stupid, Jazz is stupid. Done? Vox never gets these kids’ logic.

Georgetown Hot Mess As Georgetown Hot Mess points out, there are way more out there than you would originally think. Can you blow my whistle, baby? Let me know.

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