Tax lien filed against Georgetown Cupcake: Bakery gets its just desserts

Georgetown Cupcake CrowdUpdate, Sunday: The lien against the company has since been released less than a day after it was levied.

Original post: Georgetown Cupcake, which has happily provided the D.C. area with high calorie snacks and general happiness for the modest price of $5 since 2008, has recently found itself at odds with the taxman.

According to the Washington Business Journal, in August, September, and October of 2012, Georgetown Cupcake failed to properly file its tax returns. However, the District finally caught up with the Kallnis sisters earlier this week, and, following an unsuccessful negotiation period with the deviant cupcakery, filed a tax lien against Georgetown Cupcake amounting to a grand total of $189, 282.71.

Georgetown Cupcake’s attorney said that Georgetown Cupcake had filed tax reports for those months, but the returns had been submitted without checks. Georgetown Cupcake has rectified the situation, and, in a statement to News4 earlier today, explained they have paid the fee and expect the lien to be terminated as early as this evening. “The misundertanding [sic] regarding the lien has been resolved, the lien is in the process of being terminated, and we expect confirmation of the termination later today.”

Nice try Georgetown Cupcake: Even though TLC is willing to grovel for your cupcakes, no bakery is above the law.

Read the lien against Georgetown Cupcake after the jump.

Georgetown Cupcake sales tax lien by Benjamin Freed

Photo: Kevin Harber via Flickr

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