Wagner’s Liquor applies to stay open on Sundays

Wagner's LiquorLooks like the D.C. Sunday liquor sales law will affect Georgetown after all. Although most Georgetown-area liquor stores don’t seem interested in selling their intoxicating wares on Sunday, Wagner’s Liquor, a student favorite, is among the 59 D.C. liquor stores to apply so far.

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has to review all applications specifically, and plans to approve them in the order they were received. Only shops who have entered into voluntary agreements with the surrounding neighborhood not to sell liquor on Sunday will be ineligible.

“The board will be evaluating these applications on a case-by-case basis,” said ABRA spokesman Bill Hager. “The basic standard at this point is that a license must not have a Voluntary/Settlement Agreement; or if one does exist, that the terms do not preclude Sunday hours of operation.”

The closest store to apply so far after Wagner’s is Pearson’s Liquor Annex much further up Wisconsin. And Vox thought that Dixie would be open through anything.

h/t Georgetown Metropolitan

Photo: Carolyn Sewell via Flickr

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