Georgetown’s Dean & Deluca shut down for health violations (Updated)

Dean & Deluca

Update, Feb. 7, 6:05 pm: According to a statement from Dean & Deluca, the closure yesterday was a result of “issues in [the] open-air cafe that arose from major construction next door.” According to spokeswoman Katy Foley, the market has reopened whereas the outdoor cafe remains temporarily out of service.

They assure the Georgetown populace that the store and restaurant is “committed to offering our team and guests the cleanest and most hygienic environment.”

Read the full statement after the jump.

Original Post: Well, Georgetown, looks like you’re going to have to get your $30 boxes of black tea somewhere else now.

A food establishment closure notice was posted on the door of M Street’s branch of the popular upscale delicatessen yesterday saying that the establishment would be closed indefinitely.

According to NBC Washington, the store was closed due to the “presence of vermin.”

While the most recent inspection records are not yet available, the establishment has run into trouble with the health inspector’s office before.

A complaint in 2011 prompted an inspection on Oct. 24, which found 5 critical violations: No certified food protection manager was on site, the business license wasn’t posted, prepared food wasn’t labeled with the date it was made, the cutting boards weren’t smooth, and employees didn’t wear hair restraints. Even Vox noticed the last one last time he was there.

In 2012, the Department of Health received another complaint against the company and an Aug. 28 inspection found six critical violations. This time, there were “unclean food contact surfaces, can openers,” and “prep tables” in addition to some old violations. Since one violation could be corrected on site, the store was permitted to stay open.

This time, it seems, the deli exhibited six or more critical violations that couldn’t be fixed on site, or, more troublingly, the store presented an imminent health hazard. Vox hasn’t received word yet from Dean & Deluca for comment.

For the sake of everyone who has shopped there, Vox hopes those vermin weren’t of the phylum Arthropoda.

The full statement from Dean & Deluca:

Yesterday, our Georgetown store was temporarily closed, primarily due to issues in our open-air cafe that arose from major construction next door. We have been working closely with the health department today to immediately address all areas of concern, and are pleased to report that the market has re-opened.

The cafe outside remains closed for service, but only because there are birds that have flown into the open air space. While we are unable to serve food and beverages at the cafe, guests are still welcome to sit there and enjoy food bought inside the market. Additionally, we are in the process of temporarily moving the espresso bar inside, until the outdoor cafe issues are resolved. We hope to re-open with full service as soon as possible.

As always, DEAN & DELUCA is committed to offering our team and guests the cleanest and most hygienic environment, and we will continue to work tirelessly to achieve the highest standards.

Katy Foley
Account Director | Michelle Lehmann Communications (MLC)

Photo: Mack Male via Flickr

5 Comments on “Georgetown’s Dean & Deluca shut down for health violations (Updated)

  1. This is Dean & Deluca we’re talking about; “vermin” could very well refer to anyone not in the highest income bracket.

  2. As many mouse traps as possible, as soon as possible.

    Also, I heard their employees drink alcohol on the weekends.

  3. THEIR EMPLOYEES DRINK ALCOHOL?! Quick! We have to expose them for what they are! A business with a right to use its money for whatever it desires!

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