This Week in the Voice: Bipartisan bickering—Political Issue 2013

thisweek2.7.13In this week’s Feature, Isabel Echarte unpacks the results of the Voice’s political survey.

The schools vary widely in terms of their political beliefs, with the McDonough School of Business and the School of Nursing and Health Studies reporting more conservative responses than the College and the School of Foreign Service. Each school varies on which political party dominates its population. About half of the respondents from the College and NHS are Democrats, while more of the MSB respondents identify as Republicans than any other party. While Democrats are the majority in the SFS, the school has the highest percentage of independents, at about 35 percent.

In News, Jeffrey Lin reports that the Sexual Assault Working Group hasn’t met in over a year and takes a look at the different ways in which the issue of sexual assault is being addressed on campus.

On the Sports page, Chris Almeida analyzes Georgetown men’s basketball’s recent winning streak and the players who have been major parts of it.

In Leisure, John Sapunor reviews Side Effects, which “imagines the consequences that follow a psychological medication snafu.”

And in Voices, Claire McDaniel discusses her personal struggle with anorexia and asserts that it is necessary that people start talking about eating disorders and the parts of our culture that create them.

On the Editorial page, the Ed Board discusses the qualities they hope to see in the newest GUSA executives, which includes a willingness to listen to the many voices on campus and support for social justice and change.

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