Liveblog: GUSA vice presidential candidates square off in White Gravenor

7 Comments on “Liveblog: GUSA vice presidential candidates square off in White Gravenor

  1. Liveblog was temporarily disabled due to too many clicks. Fixed now.

  2. Cleary wants more support for frats and sororities…

    I came to Georgetown because I didn’t want a frat school.

  3. Cleary (Jack and Maggie) are not alone on this. Each of the platforms actually call for more support of the greek-life community on campus. It’s a pressing issue for a growing number of Georgetown students. Fraternities and sororities have a hard time accessing simple tools that should be available to any group of students on campus.

  4. The Corp is literally taking over Georgetown. i love debates because students will say just about anything to get votes. Ramadan is an eloquent speaker, but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to guess where their real priorities lie: both Tisa and Ramadan are in the corp. #corpdominatoin2013

  5. Nate and Adam and I believe every single other ticket supports this as well…

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