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Dear Emlyn,

I came to Georgetown partially because its emphasis on liberal arts and Jesuit values appealed to me. You might say that my chosen major in the College is the peak of unemployability. Think “barista for life” degree. All my friends, however, are starting to get high-powered internships and all plan on going into conventionally smart career fields and it’s stressing me out. What do I tell my friends when they ask me “What are you going to do with that major?” Should I tack on another major for the sake of employability or just stick to it?

Worse than Museum Studies

Dear Museum Studies,

Oh my GOD, we should be friends. I’d rather be forced at gunpoint to call Mitt Romney every morning and listen to him describe the dream he had the previous night than declare a major in something like business administration. No offense. Being practical and career oriented is fantastic, but I’d argue that being legitimately interested and invested in your major is just as (if not more) important. Think about it—most employers are looking for people that will go above and beyond in the tasks that they’re given, not people who just ended up at the job interview because someone told them a few years ago that a major in business/finance/management/whatever was a good idea.

Since Goldman Sachs probably isn’t going to hire you if you don’t give two shits about anything business-y besides the massive salary, I say stick with what you love and work on making yourself employable. Even the least practical majors can lead you to internships and networking opportunities that will look amazing on a resume; if you’re a philosophy major, maybe stick in academia and work for a professor or a department. If you’re a visual arts major, intern at a gallery or work in visual merchandising. Ask your favorite professors if they know of any job or volunteer opportunities that could give you a boost, and soon you’ll be well on your way to being a successful adult that’s also semi-interested in your field of expertise! How sublime! SUCK IT BUSINESS MAJORS.*

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Dear Emlyn,
I love Connie SparkleCakes Jones. How do I get him to notice me?

Connie Lova

Hey Connor,

If you could stop writing yourself love letters on here, that’d be great. Thanks. Cool nickname though … although technically I think someone else besides yourself has to refer to you as “Connie SparkleCakes” before it becomes an official nickname. Just FYI. Keep on truckin’ buddy! [Editor’s Note: I did NOT write this question in, Emlyn. I’m as creeped out by it as you are!]

*Hey business majors, I didn’t really mean that. Haha. Man I love you guys. Hey can I borrow a few bucks?  I promise I’ll pay you back this time. Also you should totally come to my art show this weekend. I really think I’ve found my vision. Haha so yeahhhh um about that money?

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One Comment on “Just the Tip: Everybody come to my art show… I’m serious

  1. @ Museum Studies.

    It’s called double-majoring. If you think an employer will be enthralled by your knowledge of early modern depictions of vaginas in the sculpted media, think about how excited they’ll be that you also know C++!

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