Vote in Vox’s GUSA executive election straw poll!

By this time next week, the winner of the GUSA election will be declared and Georgetown students will sleep soundly knowing that candidates won’t bother knocking on their doors. Vox assumes pretty much all of campus has made up their minds. While there’s plenty of time to still decide, between Vox‘s upcoming candidate interviews and the presidential debate Monday evening, Vox wants to know who you plan on voting for.

Last year, in an unexpected change, the winner of the Voice‘s endorsement and the winner of Vox‘s straw poll coincided and predicted the winner in Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) and Vail Kohnert-Yount¬†(SFS ’13). At the same time, the runners-up to the poll last year were then-pair Nate Tisa¬†(SFS ’14) and Sheila Walsh (COL ’14), who came in sixth in the real election.

The order of the candidates has been randomized and Vox will reveal the results Wednesday.

Let’s test the predictive power of Vox and the Voice again. Vote for your preferred candidates now!

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