In the interest of civil discourse, the candidates’ final pitches to voters

People walkingThe two weeks-long GUSA campaign ended on a sour note today with a lot of rumors and misinformation circulating regarding membership in secret societies. In trying to take the campaign back to the issues, Vox asked each campaign for a final pitch to voters about why they should vote for their ticket. They are presented in the order received.

Cannon and Logerfo: Above all, let’s get weird.
Why vote for Cannon Logerfo? Because we ignore the Voice’s editorial style banning rhetorical questions? No, I’ll sum it up like this.

This school NEEDS a Rat Attack Challenge. Students NEED to be able to drink on the front lawn! Students NEED more infinite kegs! We need to have a president and vice president who are not afraid to say, “Administration, we’re coming for you and we won’t accept dangerous elevators, unsanitary and unsafe living conditions, and an erosion of student rights in the face of a crazy neighbor onslaught.” The Voice might say we lack substance because we didn’t knock door to door, or show up to our interview. Well that’s because we were too busy not pestering students and invading their privacy. We were busy not joining secret societies, and busy enjoying our college career just like you are doing!

Vote for Cannon Logerfo and we will ban door knocking in GUSA campaigns for all time.

Let’s keep Georgetown freaky! Vote Cannon Logerfo and let’s get weird!

Shavonnia and Joe: The movement for all Georgetown
Regardless of the events that have occurred over the previous day we encourage everyone to vote for us because we will change the way GUSA does business. GUSA currently relies on one big initiative a year and that has to change. We will constantly mobilize the student body to push for positive change here on campus.

Our platform is simple we want to improve student life and make campus more progressive. We put money in our budget to make sure GUTS buses run on the weekends, we will fight to make Leos non-mandatory for Sophomores and help reform the code of conduct to make it work for students. We will promote Social Justice and Diversity groups through various means and we will ensure that sexual assault education is a part of New Student Orientation. We want to lobby for Fossil Fuel Divestment and increase the recycling here on campus because we can’t take care of the whole person until we take care of the whole earth. We hope you will join the movement on Feb. 21.

Jack and Maggie: Solutions for me
We are the ticket with the most experience both inside and outside of GUSA with the most comprehensive and ambitious agenda. We want to take on tough issues, advocate for student interests, and prove to students and administrators that GUSA can make a difference in the daily lives of students. We are confident we will be able to achieve the best results by hitting the ground running on day one with a team of passionate students working on challenging issues.

Students not only need advocates leading GUSA, but we need ones who know what to advocate for and how to advocate for it to get results. That’s why Clara and Vail have endorsed us and The Hoya editorial board has endorsed us—because we combine the best experience with the best platform and the right values to represent students effectively. Our ticket is the most experienced ticket with the most concrete solutions and the values, drive and vision to effectively serve students. I hope we can earn your vote tomorrow.

Nate and Adam: At the pulse of student interests
As the Voice articulated in its endorsement of Nate and Adam, this ticket brings the most comprehensive Georgetown background to the table. Nate has immense experience as Senate Speaker—the third-highest elected position in GUSA—where he was responsible for landmark changes, including the implementation of “clear and convincing,” extending dorm access times from 10 p.m. to midnight, and lowering the ZipCar eligibility age from 21 to 18. Adam is the picture of passion and spirit, and it shows in everything he does, including Hoya Blue, Blue and Gray, and Hoya Snaxa.

The Voice’s endorsement lauded Nate and Adam’s groundbreaking platform, which includes a massive free speech policy overhaul, essential sexual assault prevention reforms, and changes to student space policies. It is this combination of Georgetown experience and vision that sets this ticket apart and that makes us believe in Nate and Adam as the strongest ticket.

Spencer and Rob: One Georgetown
For Rob and I, this campaign has been about two things: vision and ideas.

Our vision is for a united student body, one that is able to raise its voice to make a difference for student life, for social justice and a better Georgetown. As GUSA outsiders, we are uniquely equipped to cut the red tape and embowering students to get past bureaucracy on the Hilltop.

And unlike other candidates, we have ideas that are both bold and achievable. We will build basketball attendance by running shuttles from McDonough to Verizon Center. We will make fresh food more available by offering free Safeway deliveries to campus. And we will offer more chances for Hoyas to find their niche by creating a career fair for startups.

To do these things, however, we have to break the mold of GUSA politics as usual. With our entrepreneurial vision and our concrete ideas, we can truly make the Hilltop a better place. I respectfully ask for your vote.

Photo: Joshua Raftis/Georgetown Voice

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