GUSA Roundup: End door-knocking? But how else will people be sure we exist?

gusaFollowing a legislative hiatus during the throes of GUSA campaign season, the Senate got back to business Sunday afternoon with the passage of the Resolution to Make Housing’s Room Change Policy More Transparent and the blocking of the Act to End Door-Knocking Forever! (in GUSA elections).

Am I getting a roommate or not?
Introduced by Senator Abby Cooner (COL ‘16), the resolution supports the clarification of the Housing and Residential Life Department’s language in emails concerning the procedure following the departure of a roommate. This legislation will help elucidate that a period of one business day will allotted for notification about the new incoming roommate. The bill also urges the Department to include such language on their upcoming website.

“Right now if a roommate transfers, there is no email sent form housing explaining what the process would be, and the policy is very unclear on the website. I met with the housing department, and they finalized the new email that will explain what the housing procedure are. This bill will help students understand what’s happening to them in the housing process,” said Cooner

The bill passed unanimously.

An act to end door-knocking (Or you could just ignore them)
Sen. Cannon Warren (SFS ’14) next introduced a bill that proved as successful as his campaign for GUSA president. The Act to End Door-Knocking Forever! (in GUSA elections) proposed a campus-wide student referendum to either end or continue this practice. The bill initiated a heated and lengthy debate on the floor.

“This is a serious bill, because door-knocking causes the student body unnecessary stress. In a poll, over half of participants said door-knocking was the worst part of GUSA campaigns. This referendum will let the students decide if they want their government to work like this,” said Warren.

Sen. Chandini Jha (COL ’16) considered the consequences of the bill: “If we do ban door-knocking, how is that going to shape presidential elections in the coming years? Will there not be a shift to social media? Facebook being blown up by GUSA might be equally annoying.”

“It would hurt GUSA’s image if we had this referendum about door-knocking that we pass by door-knocking.  Evan though I moved out to Burleith so I could avoid door knocking, for solely that reason, I don’t think it’s enough an issue that we have need a referendum,” said Sen. Pat Spagnuolo (COL ’14).

Sen. Ben Weiss (COL ’15) concluded, “This is Georgetown. We as a student body are very politically minded. Some probably don’t like door-knocking, but it is our responsibility to make GUSA into a legitimate institution. If that comes at the price of somebody in New South being mad at me for five minutes, whether they like it or not, we are their voice. We have a responsibility to inform the student body about the issues.”

The bill failed to attain a two-thirds majority to pass.

Tisa/Ramadan: Exec-elects
In other GUSA news, the Senate certified the election results officially making former Speaker Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) the president-elect. Vice Speaker Zach Singer (SFS ’15) took on the duties of Speaker, and President Clara Gustafson (SFS’13) and Vice President Vail Kahnert-Yount (SFS ’13) gave farewell speeches to the Senate. Here, an excerpt from Gustafson’s speech:

“From clear and convincing to the first ever undergraduate research symposium, our GUSA executive has accomplished some unprecedented things. The work never ends and we hope that Nate and Adam will live up to the expectations they set before the student body in their platform and focus on the issues that matter. Something Vail and I found important was continually evaluating the issues and responding to the critiques of those who disagree with you. I hope you rise to expectations of those who voted for you and especially those who did not. You have the responsibility lead by example and unite the campus.”

4 Comments on “GUSA Roundup: End door-knocking? But how else will people be sure we exist?

  1. I don’t think Pat’s sarcasm transferred well to this format.

  2. Are you kidding? GUSA campaigns are already dominated by facebook and social media. There’s a twitter for all the campaigns, websites, facebook events, endless youtube videos… what else does social media mean? I cannot avoid half of my friends changing their profile pictures to VOTE FOR JACK AND MAGGIE BECAUSE THEY’RE RIGHT AND YOU’RE WRONG slogans. Get rid of door knocking, I can learn their “WE WILL SUPPORT MORE SOCIAL JUSTICE ON CAMPUS” political planks on 15 different websites or while trying to study for a midterm in Lau. (Maybe ban Lau Super PAC tables as well?)

  3. Today I saw Nate Tisa and Jack Applebaum pass each other in the ICC….. ermahgerd awkward

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