This Week in the Voice: The vagina dialogue—women’s integration at Georgetown

Women's integrationIn this week’s feature, Julia Tanaka delves into Georgetown history, looking at the University’s transition to a co-ed institution and its progress dealing with women’s issues on campus.

In the fall of 1969, Georgetown’s College of Arts and Sciences admitted its first class of female students. Fifty women were added to the student body, and the administration planned to expand the class size to make it clear that women were not taking spots from deserving males. These 50 women were the first to break a long tradition of single-sex education in the College, which the constituted the majority of the undergraduate student body.

In NewsLucia He explores the possibilities of adding a Justice and Peace Major, which was endorsed by the College’s Dean, Chester Gillis, last week.

Leisure’s Julia-Lloyd George shines a spotlight on lesser known aspects of Georgetown’s robust a cappella culture, in particular, exploring the challenges faced by aCHORDance, one of the University’s many start-up groups.

In Sports, Chris Almeida recounts Otto Porter Jr.‘s performance against Connecticut, which clinched a narrow victory for the team in overtime.

In Voices, Gavin Bade weighs in in the federal debt, attacking hawk policies pushing for spending cuts.

The Editorial Board decries the Sequester and the detrimental effects it will have on funding in the District and in cities throughout the nation.

Finally, on Page 13 chronicles J.J.’s, Leo’s pizza’s, and rich white people’s plans for spring break.

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