The Voice moves on from 1997, gets new website

Old Voice website

The old site: “Let’s pick a timeless font for our website: Arial!”

Hey, Vox readers, did you know that the Voice—Vox‘s benevolent mother publication—has itself a website? Well, now, we’re willing to talk about it!

While we didn’t call former GUSA presidential candidate Spencer Walsh (MSB ’14), who said he could build a better GUSA website “like, tomorrow,” it didn’t take much longer than that. The modern look of the new website comes courtesy of Voice Photo Editor Miles Gavin Meng, the first staffer in years with web-design skills. (The share buttons at the bottom of Vox articles are also courtesy of him.)

All the same features are there. You can find Voice cover stories, news, leisure, sports, and a print edition archive, as well as color photos from the print edition. The new website is also mobile-friendly. So head over to the new and check it out!

And, just for fun, check out the Voice‘s website from 2001. Actually, quite impressive.

One Comment on “The Voice moves on from 1997, gets new website

  1. How is the Voice’s website from 2001 better than its website from 2013?

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