National Park Service chooses winning bid for Jack’s Boathouse site

Boats at Jack's BoathouseThe National Park Service has selected a company called B&G Outdoor Recreation to fill the the disputed Georgetown waterfront space currently owned by Jack’s Boathouse, according to a press release.

On Jan. 18, the NPS sent out a public notice requesting new tenants after it declined to renew the lease of Jack’s Boathouse in January. Jack’s is fighting the the NPS in court over claims that the service does not retain jurisdiction the waterfront property anymore.

D.C. still owns the land but transferred authority over to the NPS in 1987 under the condition that there could be no significant amendments to the deed. “There was a 50-page amendment to the deed, and so that is a significant amendment,” said Charles Camp, the legal representative of Paul Simkin, the current owner of Jack’s. “Under the D.C. resolution, I believe the jurisdiction reverted back.” The NPS, however, contends that the license of the company was never formally transferred to Simkin following the death of Jack’s original owner.

Since Simkin believes the NPS had no right to put up the land for auction, he did not put in a bid for the lease.

According to DCist, Simkin said the NPS’s move today violates a court order staying the eviction of Jack’s Boathouse till the end of March. He says he’ll be in court Monday seeking sanctions against the NPS.

B&G Outdoor Recreation, known as “Boating in Boston” operates five boat rental operations in Massachusetts.

Photo: Ryan Sandridge via Flickr

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