Comments of the Week: The beginning of the post-Steward era

Nate Tisa‘s (SFS ’13) inauguration last Saturday saw the beginning of new age in GUSA and the end of one of the darkest chapters in Vox trolling history—the Stewards controversy. Vox has been enjoying life post-Stewards and is happy to see that come inauguration Babs kept his attention focused on the issues:

I think Tisa’s first act of office should be to find a new tailor. This is the second most politically active school in the country, and our president should at least have one jacket that fits well. Is it too late for Finapp to work that into their budget?

Vox agrees, we’ll get GU Fossil Free to draft a petition immediately.

Vox Pupuli made a triumphant return to Vox this week, and all the trolls raised their voices in exaltation! “I” said:

Yes! Vox Pupuli is back! Praise the Vox internet deities!

However, all is not well in Vox’s domain. Todd Olson‘s party crackdown has you all pretty pissed off. Although the University tried to offer students some alternate weekend activities, laser tag at Leo’s just isn’t enough for cola to get his/her swag on:

also, laser tag? seriously?

Hey cola, here’s someone who might be able to hook you up…

Apparently, Leo J. O’Donovan wasn’t too pleased with the prospect either and proposed a solution to please a certain slightly egotistical millionaire:

He can have my building if he wants

Finally, with the prospect of a new over-priced fro-yo spot on the horizon, FROYOATLEOS  has taken it upon himself to alert the masses:

Jon Snoyo says: FROYO IS COMING

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