Twuesday Tweetacular: Bro, stop violently overreacting


Zach AshBeyoncé seems to be too mainstream for Zach Ash. If he really wanted to make a dig at Beyoncé, the least he could have done was hashtag team Michelle.

Emily Weinberg

Emily Weinberg and Sarah Butterfield and their words of wisdom. Be careful or Washington Post commenters will make fun of you.

Otto Porter FactsAs if being Big East Player of the Year and securing a number 2 seed for the Hoyas weren’t enough, Otto Porter Facts exposes Otto Porter’s latest deliberation.

Albert Doumar

Albert Doumar captures the essence of St. Patrick’s day at Georgetown, minus drunken brunch at Leo’s and being black out before 5:00 p.m.
TelmoI think someone forgot to tell Telmo that Jersey Shore is no longer accepting applications. Violent overreacting and the word “bro” are so 2009.

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