What would you ask President DeGioia about Catholicism?

Pope DegioiaDeGioia is pleased by the cardinals’ selection

Campus media has been invited to interview University President Jack DeGioia this Thursday as he returns from his trip to Rome to attend the inaugural mass of Pope Francis.¬†The topic of the interview is the first Jesuit pontiff and DeGioia’s trip to Rome as part of the US presidential delegation. Yours truly will have the opportunity to ask a few questions, but Vox wants to know: What would¬†you ask DeGioia about Catholicism or his trip to Rome?

Photo: Left, Huffington Post UK. Right, Courtesy Georgetown University

5 Comments on “What would you ask President DeGioia about Catholicism?

  1. Did you feel intimidated by Francis’s superior forehead?

  2. Does it bother you, Catholicism’s history of condoning or being complicit in fascist authoritarianism, murder, torture, rape, thievery, and other such cruelty? How can you justify allying yourself with such a hateful institution?

  3. Was there any serious discussion of any of the current hot topics in Church social teaching, such as homosexuality, a married priesthood, or the use of birth control?

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