Comments of the Week: Save it for the press releases

Vox had an unexpectedly prolific week after the University released its plans for the New South Student Center and some details on long-term construction projects. We also had a few breaks to look at some photos of fabulous fashion and cute puppies. Here’s the best of what was left in our little corner of the internet.

After Vox took some time to showcase the humorous reader reactions to the Washington Post‘s article on the Stewards, Babs saw that three articles makes a trend:

I love how “Georgetown organizations with an exaggerated sense of self-importance” is now a WaPo beat.

After GUSA asked professors nicely to start consistently posting grades on Facebook, Concerned Student had a few questions:

Does GUSA have the power to make professors use Blackboard? Or make professors do anything? Or make anybody do anything except chuckle the same way you do when you watch a small child pretend to drive a car?

Nah, but they can write press releases!

Vox also broke the news that electronic dance music virtuoso Calvin Harris would headline GPB’s 2013 spring concert. Not everyone was pleased, especially the always colorful GFK:

Guise lets all pay $20 see a guy who just plays music from his laptop.

But guise, it’s live!

Anyone? Anyone?


Vox would rather watch a concert DJ’d by a cat. But some people were more interested in starting a flame war. Haters gonna hate seemed to think that the categories of hipster music and EDM were mutally exclusive.

@Meh @GFK As we all know, it’s not “real music” unless there’s a hipster with an acoustic guitar lip synching to a pre-recorded track that someone else made…

Calvin Harris is by far the most talented artist the spring concert has had in my memory and I’m impressed GPB was able to pull this off.

No reason to make things personal, GFK:

That’s right, Haters Gonna Hate. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris represent the entire music world.

Calvin Harris is indeed the most talented artist (read: glorified wedding DJ) that GPB has brought in recent memory, which is an issue. Georgetown should rethink the GPB budget and award the money to someone with proper taste.

Vox wouldn’t know anything about proper taste.

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