Fr. O’Brian blesses golf cart, ushers in new age of student transportation

Golf cartThis golf cart is so blessed right now

Yesterday afternoon, Fr. Kevin O’Brien, gave a commencement blessing in Red Square to the Center for Student Programming’s new golf cart.

“I have to say this is my first time blessing a golf cart,” Father O’Brien admitted at the onset of the blessing. Despite O’Brien’s apprehensions, however, it appears the Lord smiled on those assembled on that blustery afternoon, “This [golf cart] is so blessed right now,” said O’Brien. “There will definitely be no accidents.”

Former GUSA President, Clara Gustafson (SFS’13), relieved the blessing went off without a hitch, said, “You know as students we need all the protection we can get.”

The cart, which was funded by the GUSA Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee at the 2013 Budget Summit, is the first cart on campus intended exclusively for student groups.

The cart will be available for student use through the CSP tomorrow. All drivers must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, and, to Vox’s relief, complete the Student Activities Golf Cart Certification. Vox shudders at the thought of some of you joyriding around campus at the speed of a lazy bicyclist.

Following the blessing, Gustafson led a sparkling cider commencement toast for the newest addition to Georgetown’s golf cart armada: “To all the students whose tuition paid for this golf cart…”


3 Comments on “Fr. O’Brian blesses golf cart, ushers in new age of student transportation

  1. thank god. i was so worried i would have to drive an unblessed golf cart. the horrors!

  2. This is an abomination. Myself and my roomates at 3608 N Street circa 2004 brought with us to the hilltop a pristine (albeit slightly used) Club Car golf cart that would have driven circles around the bathtub shown in that photo. That club car was the first student golf cart on campus at Georgetown. It was shortlived after it met a tragic and scandalous end in the parking lot behind Wisemiller’s but it was undoubtably the original. I demand a retraction of this article!

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