Twuesday Tweetacular: Georgetown sheds its coat of winter fat


Bridget Coburn

Shots have been fired by Bridget Coburn. Hibernation season lasted longer than anyone could have anticipated. Boys can’t be expected to work off their winter Natty bellies in a matter of days.Ryan Greene

Assistant Vox Editor Ryan Greene seems to be the only one complaining about the arrival of spring. This can be attributed to two factors: spring is too wimpy of a season for a pop-punk lover and severely freckled gingers don’t do particularly well in the sun.

Kevin O'Brien

Who said our elders couldn’t have a good time? Kevin O’Brien, S.J. ditched the gospel choir for some good old fashioned EDM. His hearing may be gone, but his youth will live forever. Luigi DiTomasso

The inevitable has happened. Georgetown Confessions has made it to twitter, and Luigi Ditomasso lets his ego shine. Murphy Kate Facts

Murphy Kate Facts is committed to tweeting unbelievable (yet completely true facts) about Murphy Kate Delaney, Darnall 6 RA and venerable student leader. She also invented Comments of the Week.

Tyler Newhall

It’s as if the recent passing of Lilly Pulitzer pulled us out of the never ending winter. While Georgetown females dress in their brightest pastel colored sundresses in honor of the deceased Queen of Prep, Tyler Newhall can’t help but take notice.

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