New mobile app will allow students to track GUTS buses in real time

Just when we were beginning to get over our excitement about the GUTS buses running late on weekend nights, we have something new to look forward to: a new mobile app that will allow commuters to track GUTS shuttles in real time.

Connected to a new GPS-tracking feature for university shuttles, NextGUTS will map the location of the next available GUTS bus, allowing anyone with an Apple or Android smartphone to look up estimated times of arrival for the next available shuttles. (LOL, sorry Windows Phone and BlackBerry.)

The NextGUTS new feature is an strong update to the app, since it previously only told the next time of departure for the shuttles. As everyone appreciates being able to be efficient and maximize their time, this new tracking system will be extremely beneficial for students, faculty, and staff alike.

Additionally (and most importantly) the NextGUTS app will include real time arrivals for the new late-night shuttles to and from M Street, Dupont Circle-Adams Morgan, West Georgetown, and Burleith, which will prove to be a gift from heaven on cold winter nights next year.

The app was created in collaboration by Georgetown University Facilities and University Information Services. Throughout the year, the team has worked to develop a historical data set that has the ability to monitor things like red lights and traffic jams that might alter arrival time predictions.

For example, app knows that an off-time bus ride that normally takes 15 minutes will take much longer in peak traffic times, and it ensures that users know this as well.

Though the official launch of the app is April 15, it still needs some trial time before it is running entirely smoothly. According to Robin Morey, Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management, the more data the app compiles, the more accurate its estimations of arrival times will be.

Users can download the Georgetown mobile app from the Google Play store for Android phones or App Store for iPhones.

Image: Google Play store

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