Twuesday Tweetacular: Ain’t nobody got time for dat


Allie Van Dine

Allie Van Dine obviously doesn’t realize that the buses were rerouted so that the neighbors’ houses wouldn’t all topple over due to the additional shaking due to GUTS buses. Looks like most students have the same attitude to the more circuitous route, even when they don’t have mono.

Luigi DiTomassoAll Luigi DiTomasso needs is some hookers and we can get some real blow jobs.

Mike BirbigliaBut I’ve always wanted to talk to you, Mike Birbiglia! Jerk.

GeorgetownUlti B

Who runs the world? Squirrels.

Shaella MoralesWe never left you, Shaella Morales! But, unfortunately for you but fortunately for me, this is my last week as Vox.

Joshua ZeitlinAre we tweeting demands to @GUSAssociation now, Josh Zeitlin? “I can’t believe I’m paying $15 for a bowl of cereal just because Georgetown thinks it promotes community. CC: @GUSAssociation.”


Vox is including itself on the Tweetacular (SO META). Anyway, GPB/What’s After Dark, you better have enjoyed my promotional tweet. But Joke’s on you: Our brand of color ink is highly toxic!

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